We specialize in planning, consulting, service and installation of protective systems, communication and control systems. 

We provide our clients with security - in the full sense of the word. We tailor our security and control systems to your specifications. Our product is one of the most innovative and sophisticated systems in the world - a precise fit to your needs.


All our employees at Galbex Systems Ltd. are professionals - "graduates" of the Israeli security forces and experts in control. We have a vast background, richly experienced in the business and private sectors over a broad spectrum of fields in Israel and the USA.

Galbex Systems Ltd. is expert in service provision over a wide range of the service components of security, communications and control systems: Closed circuit television (CCTV), alarm systems for private homes and business, temperature and climate control for computer rooms, entry systems, consultation and professional guidance, setting up networks, switchboard construction, public address (PA) systems, and more.

We at Galbex Systems Ltd. focus on you, the client. Many solutions are "out there" on the market, but we provide the most professional and qualitative solution tailored precisely to your exact specifications and unique needs.

We will be happy to send one of our service reps to your site for a meeting - with no obligation. You can observe firsthand our skills and thoroughness that are the mark of our professionalism.

Our satisfied clients include a long list of varied types of businesses cutting across the Israeli economy, from hi-tech firms, financial securities and credit card companies, lawyers' and accountants' offices, supermarkets, restaurants, industrial plants, senior citizens' residences, and more...

Like you, many private clients engage our protective services for their homes.

For appointment and additional details about us and our services, just  contact us by clicking here or phoning us directly at 972-3-901-1429.

Our services: