• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

    Modern business demands remote control. Remote control requires control, monitoring and reliable reporting on what goes on in your business or at home. You need to know what workers are doing when your back is turned, and you need an intruder alarm system warning you of any "unexpected guests" when you are not home.
    Galbex Systems Ltd. offers you the perfect solution: CCTV. We offer...

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  • Alarm Systems

    Only the most sophisticated innovative system will do. And not only because your insurance company demands it. The market is flooded with offers to install protective systems - but not all of the companies are true professionals. We are the genuine article.
    Alarm systems are too important to leave to amateurs. We have the professional know-how to tailor the system to your needs -...

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  • Temperature Control Systems for Computer Rooms

    Climate control systems ensure that your server functions as it should, in an ideal environment of 61° C. degree temperature, preventing irreversible damage caused by high temperatures.
    Galbex Systems Ltd. provide a unique and simple solution: a temperature control system for your computer rooms, with special warning signal, sensing the ambient temperature at any given moment, and sending...

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  • Door Entry and Security Coding Control Systems

    As an employer, you make no compromises on your employees, with reliability and confidentiality high on your list.
    The products your firm is developing are the latest word in the field. The slightest information leak to your competitors may be the death blow to your firm. This makes compartmentalization of the utmost in your business.
    Let us help you control each entry to your office,...

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  • Intercom Systems

    Control, face to face contact, control of visitors to business or home, direct and immediate communication between various departments, management echelons and production workers.
    The solution in one word: Intercom.
    At Galbex we are proud to present the latest technology in face recognition systems, computer-based intercom systems, with full control and monitoring. Our experts tailor...

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  • Networked Telecom Systems

    The heart of your firm is the computer network.
    Your Intranet, networks and links to the main company server form the very heart of your business and the necessary working tool for managing company resources.
    Galbex Systems set up your communications network, from laying down the infrastructure and wiring through to the end-user points.

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  • Telephone Switchboards and PAN Codes

    Telephones used to be objects with circular dials with a ringing bell tone. But times have changed - now you need an advanced switchboard system.
    Our experts at Galbex Systems Ltd. suit innovative telephone switchboards for plants, offices and private homes, with as many extensions as you select, and as many phone lines as you need.

    2 lines/ 6 extensions3 lines/ 8 extensions6...

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  • Public Address Systems

    You may have to make an announcement to all employees or locate your director of development for an urgent overseas phone call - but the plant is large and hard to find a specific person.
    In short, you need a smart PA system - an innovative system to make announcements or locate a person without bothering others. A smart system provides your firm with optimal control of what goes on in...

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  • Professional Guidance and Consulting

    The first step in constructing a security and communication system suited to your firm or home begins with characterization of the site and our professional consultation.
    Anyone can go and buy an alarm system or closed circuit TV and plug it in, but this is the path of maximum expense with minimum protection.
    Instead, we at Galbex systems Ltd. are expert at highly sophisticated integrated...

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