Alarm Systems

Only the most sophisticated innovative system will do. And not only because your insurance company demands it. The market is flooded with offers to install protective systems - but not all of the companies are true professionals. We are the genuine article.

Alarm systems are too important to leave to amateurs. We have the professional know-how to tailor the system to your needs - and we know how accomplish proper installation of the system we design for you.

We at Galbex Systems Ltd. have the professional expertise and the vast experience in the field to provide you with the best service by installing exactly what you need. We offer a broad range of sophisticated alarm systems to fit your specific needs. For example, some of the options are:

  • System with 6 to 96 control zones, with at least one sensor per zone
  • Control center, includes dialer to 4 telephone numbers
  • Israeli PIMA alarm system includes voice card + siren, 6-16 zones
  • USA-made NAPCO alarm system, 8-96 zones, with up to 8 separate sub-systems on one network

Galbex Systems protect anything from diamonds to jewelry, weapons and equipment that should be kept under lock and key.

* All of our alarm systems are recommended by insurance companies